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Construction Works - Renovations | Evia - Chalkida

The MARKOU company has been active for over 35 years in the field of construction and renovations with great success and is headquartered in Chalkida. Led by Georgios and Anastasios Markos, we undertake general renovation works such as oil painting, insulation, plaster constructions and decorations, etc.

The purpose of our company is to serve the needs and requirements of its customers to the maximum extent. The staff of our company is made up of renowned craftsmen of every specialty and is always close to you willing to advise you and suggest solutions with the best materials as well as the correct placement of them in each project.

We work with the aim of providing high level services, with quality and competitive prices.




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Our company undertakes construction works and renovations serving Chalkida, Evia, Schimatari Boeotia and Northern Suburbs of Attica.